Monday, July 27, 2009

Name That Service!

Remember the game show “Name That Tune[1]”? Contestants had to listen to the first few strains of a song and name the title. “I can name that tune in 4 notes!” they would say. Well, now it’s time to name something else – Valora’s new service offering!

After years of “black box” services provision, Valora is finally opening up its interface to our customers. For those of you who have been to Valora’s Processing Center or seen one of our FirstLook Population Analysis Reports, the interface will have a familiar feel.

To those who are new to such services, we are creating a combination Early Case Assessment Tool & Non-Linear Review interface.

The idea is really very simple: show our customers easily and intuitively what we here at Valora already know about their documents. For years, we have been identifying and documenting every possible attribute known to mankind[2] about each and every document that passes our threshold. More recently, we began to use that knowledge in a cross-functional, population analytics way to help diagnose what populations contain and how best to stretch processing dollars accordingly.

Now we are using the same information in a predictive, pre-emptive way to automatically accomplish much of the tasks that today take place manually. Similar to how Valora solved the expensive, inefficient manual coding problem a few years ago, we are now solving the problem of getting both document processing and document review down to a few cents per GB.

While we anticipate public release of our system in January, 2010, we are opening up our Beta program to three select matters late in the summer. Two of the three Beta partners have already been selected, but there is room for one more. If you are interested, contact our Marketing Department at 781.229.2265, for more information about Beta requirements and expectations.

And finally, the contest! You may have heard via email, and it’s true, that I will personally come to your home (especially if you live in Hawaii, Bermuda, south of France…) and cook you and your family a gourmet dinner! I’m a pretty good cook and I take requests. So, think about Valora, think about our new ECA-NLR platform and most importantly, think about a name! Official submission rules are on our website: Contest Rules! May the best name win!


Name That Service!

[1] For a modern-day (and incredibly time-wasting, though hilarious,) version of Name That Tune, visit:

[2] Today, Valora captures over 60 “fields” of information about each and every document in our systems.