Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sprechen sie deutsch? Parlez-vous fran├žais? You do now!

Remember in Star Trek when the "away team" would encounter a new civilization and be instantly able to communicate with the alien beings by using their handy "UniversalTranslator"? No Tower of Babel in science-fiction! Well, there needn't be one in today's document environment either! With the recent great strides in pattern recognition and content translation, we effectively have a Universal Translator for document and files written in virtually any world language. With support for 65 world languages, Google is to thank for the raw translation effort, while Valora has taken things to the next lelve by implementing the raw capabilities into complex litigation and records management workflows.

For example, on a recent matter we rapidly AutoTranslated documents from 5 foreign languages into English, where they can now be easily understood and managed by the US litigation team. The whole effort took under a week and was 1/10th the cost of manually translating the same material! As with most Automated Solutions Valora offers, a little technology goes a long way! Learn about Valora's AutoTranslation services, by clicking here.