Thursday, March 13, 2014

Interesting Predictions about Data Analytics from Gartner

"Traditional vendors of analytic platforms recognize that in order to expand their reach beyond traditional power users, they must deliver packaged domain expertise and applications to enable self-service by a wider range of users. Service providers are seeking to turn custom project work and domain expertise into repeatable solutions that can be adopted by other organizations more easily.
The result is that end-user organizations selecting analytic applications will have a significantly wider variety of possible providers to evaluate. Organizations evaluating software vendors will almost always find a SaaS version of their packaged applications, and the similarity of product concepts will shift the emphasis of competition to the domain expertise embedded by the vendors into the application. Software vendors will increasingly face a co-opetition situation with their traditional service provider channels, forcing them to augment their own professional service capabilities. Service providers will use packaged applications as an integral part of their customer relationships, implying that there is a greater specialization in the services that they provide."
-Gartner Press Release 12.16.2013